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N° 1 (1997)

Patrice BAILHACHE, Modal Logic: A-Completeness Met Up Again pdf - Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Generalised Sequent Calculus for Propositional Modal Logics pdf - Piotr LUKOWSKI, The Nature of Intuitionistic possibility pdf - Grzegorz MALINOWSKI, On Many-Valuedness, Sentential Identity, Inference and Lukasiewicz Modalities pdf - Concha MARTINEZ, Jose-Miguel SAGÜILLO, Javier VILANOVA, Fitch´s Problem and The Knowability Paradox : Logical and Philosophical Remarks pdf - Dorota RYBARKIEWICZ, Three Aspects of Metaphor pdf - François SCHMITZ, Modal Logic and the “Possible” pdf - Luis VILLEGAS-FORERO, Janusz MACIASZEK, Tarski on Logical Entities pdf


N° 2 (1998)

Patrice BAILHACHE, How to Mix Alethic, Deontic, Temporal, Individual Modalities pdf - Antonio BLANCO SALGUEIRO, Holism and Dependency among Properties pdf - Jean-Louis GARDIES, Basic Logic for Ontic and Deontic Modalities pdf - Alain LECOMTE, Multimodal Logic for Syntax pdf - Piotr LUKOWSKI, The Law of Excluded Middle and Intuitionistic Logic pdf - Marek NOWAK, Kripke Semantics for Some Paraconsistent Logics pdf - Dorota RYBARKIEWICZ, The Structure of Metaphor towards a Pragmatic Approach pdf - Javier VILANOVA ARIAS, Natural Language Conditionals pdf - Alejandro SOBRINO, José Angel OLIVAS, Santiago FERNANDEZ, Semi-sentences, Semi-strings and Semi-grammatical Rules in Prolog pdf


N° 3 (1999)

Janusz CIUCIURA, History and Development of the Discursive Logic pdf - José L. FALGUERA, Ontosemantic Divergence and Comparability of Theories pdf - Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, A Survey of Natural Deduction Systems for Modal Logics pdf - Serge LAPIERRE, François LEPAGE, Completeness and Representation Theorem for Epistemic States in First-order Predicate Calculus pdf - Grzegorz MALINOWSKI, Formalization of Intensional Functions and Epistemic Knowledge Representation Systems pdf - Uxía RIVAS MONROY, Proper Names: One Century of Discussion pdf


N° 4 (2000)

Milton Augustinis DE CASTRO, Itala Maria LOFFREDO D’OTTAVIANO, Natural Deduction for Paraconsistent Logic pdf - Santiago FERNÁNDEZ LANZA, Prolog for Automatic Processing of Synonymy pdf - François LEPAGE, An Algebra for Finitary Ontology or A Functionally Complete Language for the Finitary Theory of Types pdf - Juan VÁZQUEZ SÁNCHEZ, Epistemic Truth in a Plurality of Worlds pdf - Boguslaw WOLNIEWICZ, Atoms in Semantic Frames pdf


N° 5 (2001)

María de la Concepción CAAMAÑO ALEGRE, On the Distinction between Incommensurability and Inconsistency pdf - Yvon GAUTHIER, Internal and External Consistency of Arithmetic pdf - Bruno GNASSOUNOU, On Being Called by One’s Name pdf - Ryszard KLESZCZ, Rationality and Requirements of Logic pdf - M. Uxía RIVAS MONROY, An Introduction to Fregean Semantics pdf - Boguslaw WOLNIEWICZ, Extending Atomistic Frames pdf


N° 6 (2002)

Pierre JORAY, Logicism in Lesniewski's Ontology - David B. MARTENS, New Axiomatizations of Vern pdf - Marek NOWAK, Two Logics of Analytic Classical Implication pdf - José M. SAGÜILLO, Conceptions of Logical Implication pdf - Boguslaw WOLNIEWICZ, Extending Atomistic Frames, Part II pdf





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