Bulletin of the Section of Logic 6/4 (1977)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Roman SUSZKO, On filters and closure systems151

  • 2. George EPSTEIN, On the equivalence of the Meskhi and Cignoli conditions for P-algebras with involution, with application to Lukasiewicz 3 and 4 valued logics156

  • 3. Stanislaw ZACHOROWSKI, Intermediate logics without the interpolation property161

  • 4. Frederic A. JOHNSON, A natural deduction relevance logic164

  • 5. Mieczyslaw OMYLA, Barcan formulas in SCI with quantifiers171

  • 6. Andrzej WRONSKI, A method of axiomatizing an intersection of propositional logics177

  • 7. Hiroakira ONO, On some intuitionistic modal logics182

  • 8. Barbara WOZNIAKOWSKA, Algebraic proof of the separation theorem for the infinite-valued logic of Lukasiewicz186

  • 9. Marek TOKARZ, A remark on maximal matrix consequences190

  • 10. Wolfgang RAUTENBERG, The lattice of normal modal logics193