Bulletin of the Section of Logic 45/3-4 (2016)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Anna GLENSZCZYK, Monadic Fragments of Intuitionistic Control Logic143

  • 2. Emilia HALUSKOVA, On Direct Limit Closed Classes of Algebras155

  • 3. Zofia Kostrzycka, Interpolation in Normal Extensions of the Brouwer Logic171

  • 4. Marcin LAZARZ, Characterization of Birkhoff's Conditions by Means of Cover-Preserving and Partially Cover-Preserving Sublattices187

  • 5. Bogdan STARUCH and Bozena STARUCH, Decomposition of Congruence Modular Algebras into Atomic, Atomless Locally Uniform and Anti-Uniform Parts201

  • 6. Bogdan STARUCH, Irredundant Decomposition of Algebras into One-Dimensional Factors215

  • 7. Adam KOLANY and Miroslaw WROBEL, Some Algebraic and Algorithmic Problems in Acoustocerebrography241

  • 8. Wojciech DZIK and Sandor RADELECZKI, Preserving Filtering Unification By Adding Compatible Operations To Some Heyting Algebras259