Bulletin of the Section of Logic 40/3-4 (2011)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Zoltán MOLNÁR, Induced Cylindric Algebras of Choice Structures119

  • 2. Piotr KULICKI, On a Minimal System of Aristotle's Syllogistic129

  • 3. Ahmet HAMAL, On the Logic of Closure Algebra147

  • 4. Andrew SCHUMANN, Two Squares of Opposition: for Analytic and Synthetic Propositions165

  • 5. Szymon FRANKOWSKI, Partial and Intuitionistic Logic179

  • 6. Thomas HENDREY, Note on the Incompleteness of an Axiom System in Lewis' "Counterfactuals "189

  • 7. Gemma ROBLES, Francisco SALTO and José M. MÉNDEZ, A Weak Logic with the Axiom Mingle Lacking theVariable-Sharing Property195

  • 8. Yehuda SCHWARTZ and George TOURLAKIS, Pure Iteration and Substitution as the Basis of Computability203