Bulletin of the Section of Logic 35/2-3 (2006)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Janusz CZELAKOWSKI, Fixed-Points for Relations and the Back and Forth Method63

  • 2. Wojciech DZIK, Transparent Unifiers in Modal Logics with Self-Conjugate Operators73

  • 3. Anetta GORNICKA, Axiomatization of the Sentential Logic Dual with Respect to Lukasiewicz's Three-Valued Logic85

  • 4. Joanna GRYGIEL, Some Properties of Double Skeletons95

  • 5. Adam KOLANY, Lattices of non-Locally Finite Hypergraphs are not Heyting105

  • 6. Miroslawa KOLOWSKA-GAWIEJNOWICZ, A Note on Bilinear Algebras111

  • 7. Zofia KOSTRZYCKA, On Formulas of one Variable in NEXT(KTB)119

  • 8. Jean-Yves BEZIAU, 13 Questions about Universal Logic133