Bulletin of the Section of Logic 30/2 (2001)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Yuichi KOMORI, On Komori Algebras67

  • 2. Marcus KRACHT and Tomasz KOWALSKI, Atomic Incompleteness or how to Kill One Bird with Two Stones71

  • 3. Motohiko MOURI, Theorem Provers with Countermodels and xpe79

  • 4. Yasusi HASIMOTO, Finite Model Property for Some Intuitionistic Modal Logics87

  • 5. Kazuyo INOI, Subframe Formulas for S4-type Intuitionistic Modal Logic99

  • 6. Tatsuya SHIMURA, Kripke Completeness of Predicate Extensions of Cofinal Subframe Logics107

  • 7. Mitio TAKANO, A Modified Subformula Property for K5 and K5D115