Bulletin of the Section of Logic 2/1 (1973)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Viktor K.FINN, A criterion of functional completeness for B3

  • 2. Peter GEACH, On certain modal systems connected with S4,3

  • 3. Jerzy KOTAS, The axiomatizations of S.Jaskowski's discussive system

  • 4. Larisa MAKSIMOWA, A semantics for the calculus E of entailment

  • 5. Krystyna PIROG-RZEPECKA, A predicate calculus with formulas which lose sense and the corresponding propositional calculus

  • 6. Zygmunt SALONI, The sequent Gentzen system for m-valued logic

  • 7. Vladimir A.SMIRNOV, An absolute first order predicte calculus

  • 8. Maciej SPASOWSKI, Some conections between Cn and Cn-1 and dCn

  • 9. Marek TOKARZ, On mutual non-reconstructability of the Lukasiewicz calculi and their dual counterparts

  • 10. Ryszard WOJCICKI, Dual counterparts of consequence operations

  • 11. Andrzej WRONSKI, Remarks on intermediate logics with axioms containing only one variable

  • 12. Andrzej WRONSKI, On the degree of completeness of positive logic