Institute of Philosophy

prof. Marek Nowak

University of Lodz
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Talks (last 5 years):
        Conference „Aporiai in the ontology of situations”, Pobierowo PL, June 2007: Situations described by first order sentences (in Polish)
        Comference „Non-classical logics. A theory and application” Łódź PL, September 2008: The logics of analytic equivalence
         XIV Conference „Application of logic in philosophy and fundamentals of mathematics” Szklarska Poręba PL, April. 2009: Speech act theory (in Polish)
         Conference „Application of algebra in logic and computer science” Zakopane PL, March 2010: Quasiorders in a role of congruence relations
         Philosophical Meeting 2010, Łódź PL, May 2010: Speech act theory of A. Reinach (in Polish)