The first and second editions of Conference devoted to non-classical logics were held in £ód¼ in September 2008 and 2009, and the third in Toruń, 2010. The conference is aimed to serve as a forum for effective exchange of novel results and survey of works in the widely understood nonclassical logics and their applications.


Non-classical logics form one of the most important branches of modern logic. In last decades a great variety of formal systems was developed especially in the context of computer science, artificial intelligence, formal linguistics, cognitive studies, as well as for the deeper analysis of traditional philosophical problems. The well known families of nonclassical logics include among others:

The diversification of systems and solutions calls for stricter cooperation between researchers from different fields of investigation, e.g. cognitive science, computer science, formal ontology, foundations of mathematics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind. The main aim of conference is to provide a forum for better transfer of results.

The formula of the conference is open. We expect declarations (reports; answers) devoted both to theoretical problems and practical applications. We welcome all those who want to make a summary of some research done in a specific field or to present some new original results. Selected works will be published in a special edition of the Bulletin of the Section of Logic.

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