Manuscripts can be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief or any member of the Editorial Board. The BSL prefers submissions in standard LaTex, Tex, or AMS-LaTex (BSL-style). For the purpose of refereeing, papers may be submitted either in hard copy (a CD or a flash drive with the .tex version of the paper should also be included) or via e-mail. Prospective authors should follow the layout of the published BSL papers in the preparation of their manuscripts. Every paper must include an abstract whose electronic version will be used in the BSL online search base. Authors who are unable to comply with these requirements should contact the Editorial Office in advance.

Paper Length There is no fixed limit imposed on the length of submitted papers, however one can expect that for shorter papers, up to 18 pages long, the Editorial Board will be able to reduce the time needed for the reviewing process.

Footnotes should be avoided as much as possible. When essential, they should be brief and consecutively numbered throughout, with superscript Arabic numbers.

References should be listed in alphabetic order, numbered consecutively, and typed in the same way as the following examples:

[1] L. Henkin, Some remarks on infinitely long formulas, Proceedings of the Symposium on Foundations of Mathematics: Infinitistic Methods, Warsaw, 1959, Pergamon Press, New-York, and PWN, Warsaw (1961), pp. 167-183.
[2] S.C. Kleene, Mathematical Logic, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York (1967).
[3] J. Los and R. Suszko, Remarks on sentential logic, Indagationes Mathematicae, 20 (1958), pp. 177-183.

Affiliation and mailing addresses of all the authors should be placed at the end of the paper. When submitting an extended abstract of a paper to BSL, the author(s) should provide the complete bibliographical information about the full paper.

It is the author's responsibility to obtain the necessary copyright permission from the copyright owner(s) of the submitted paper or extended abstract to publish the submitted material in BSL.