Bulletin of the Section of Logic 42/3-4 (2013)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Yehuda SCHWARTZ, George TOURLAKIS, A Proof Theoretic Tool for First-Order Modal Logic93

  • 2. Karel CHVALOVSKY, Note on D-Completeness and Prelinearity111

  • 3. Veronica QUIROGA, An Alternative Definition of F-Structures for the logic C1119

  • 4. Rafal GRUSZCZYNSKI, Mereological Fusion as an Upper Bound135

  • 5. Tomasz POLACIK, Bisimulation Reducts of First-Order Kripke Models151

  • 6. Lidia TYPANSKA, A Note on Post-complete Extensions of a Logic of Values of A. Ivin161

  • 7. Janusz CIUCIURA, Non-Adjunctive Discursive Logic169

  • 8. Slawomir KOST, Countable Frames for Bimodal Logics S5 ⊗ S5 and Grz.3⊗ Grz183