Bulletin of the Section of Logic 4/4 (1975)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Marek TOKARZ, Definability criterion for functions in Sugihara algebras

  • 2. Roman SUSZKO, A note on the least Boolean theory in SCI

  • 3. Jerzy J.BLASZCZUK and Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, Modal systems placed in the "triangle" S4-T1-T

  • 4. Ewa GRACZYNSKA and Andrzej WRONSKI, On normal Agassiz systems of algebras

  • 5. Ewa GRACZYNSKA and Andrzej WRONSKI, On weak Agassiz systems of algebras

  • 6. Katarzyna HALKOWSKA, On algebra connected with notion of satisfiability in theories with conditional definitions

  • 7. Maciej SPASOWSKI, The degrees of completeness of dual counterparts of Lukasiewicz sentential calculi