Bulletin of the Section of Logic 37/2 (2008)details

Table of contents

  • 1. A.V. FIGALLO and C.A. SANZA, The NSnxm-propositional Calculus67

  • 2. Janusz CIUCIURA, Frontiers of the Discursive Logic81

  • 3. Christopher STEINSVOLD, Completeness for Various Logics of Essence and Accident93

  • 4. Tarek Sayed AHMED, Variations on Martin's Axiom and Omitting Types from Algebraic Logic, Lattice Theory and Topology103

  • 5. Tarek Sayed AHMED, Classes of Representable Algebras with the Amalgamation property115

  • 6. Tarek Sayed AHMED, RaCAn is not elementary, for n>4123