Bulletin of the Section of Logic 36/1-2 (2007)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Robert SOCHACKI, Axiomatic Rejection in the Implicational-Negational Invariant Sentential Calculi of Lukasiewicz1

  • 2. Grzegorz MALINOWSKI, That p + q = c(onsequence)7

  • 3. Tarek Sayed AHMED, A Non-finitizability Result in Algebraic Logic21

  • 4. Tarek Sayed AHMED, Neat Embedding is not Sufficient for Complete Representability29

  • 5. Zofia KOSTRZYCKA, On the Existence of a Continuum of Logics in NEXT(KTB+L2p->L3p)37

  • 6. Jose M. MENDEZ, Gemma ROBLES and Francisco SALTO, The Basic Constructive Logic for Negation-Consistency Defined with a Propositional Falsity Constant45

  • 7. Szymon FRANKOWSKI, Pure Strict Implication Logics59

  • 8. Andrew SCHUMANN, Non-Archimedean Valued Predicate Logic67

  • 9. Lidia BADURA and Marek ZAIONC, Parametrizability by Regular Expressions for Equations on Words79