Bulletin of the Section of Logic 32/4 (2003)details

Table of contents

  • 1. George TOURLAKIS and Francisco KIBEDI, A Modal Extension of First Order Classical Logic, Part I165

  • 2. Janusz KACZMAREK, Positive and Negative Properties. A Logical Interpretation179

  • 3. Christian J.RENTERIA, Edward Hermann HAEUSLER, Paulo A.S.VELOSO, NUL: Natural Deduction for Ultrafilter Logic191

  • 4. Toshimasa MATSUMOTO, Time Complexity of Proof search Procedure for K4201

  • 5. M.I. GOLOVANOV, Vladimir V.RYBAKOV, E.M. YURASOVA, A Necessary Condition for Rules to be Admissible in Temporal Tomorrow-Logic213