Bulletin of the Section of Logic 32/1-2 (2003)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Teresa BIEGANSKA and Katarzyna HALKOWSKA, Generics of P-compatible Varieties1

  • 2. Luis F. CACERES-DUQUE, Ideal Theories of some Commutative Rings9

  • 3. Wojciech DZIK, Unitary Unification of S5 Modal Logic and its Extensions19

  • 4. Joanna GRYGIEL, On Gluing of Lattices27

  • 5. Jadwiga KNOP, About a Certain Generalization of the Affine Ratio of Three Points and Unharmonic Ratio of Four Points33

  • 6. Zofia KOSTRZYCKA and Marek ZAIONC, On the Density of Truth in Dummett's Logic43

  • 7. Krystyna MRUCZEK-NASIENIEWSKA, Subdirectly Irreducible P-compatible Abelian Groups57

  • 8. Tomasz POLACIK, Quantified Intuitionistic Propositional Logic and Cantor Space65

  • 9. Bozena STARUCH, Derivation from Partial Knowledge in Partial Models75

  • 10. Bozena STARUCH and Bogdan STARUCH, Possible Sets of Equations85