Bulletin of the Section of Logic 31/2 (2002)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Yuichi KOMORI, λρ-Calculus: A Natural Deduction for Classical Logic65

  • 2. Bakhadyr KHOUSSAINOV, On Some Games Played on Finite Graphs71

  • 3. Motohiko MOURI, Constructing Counter-Models for Modal Logic K4 from Refutation Trees81

  • 4. Katsumi SASAKI, On Sequent Systems for Bimodal Provability Logics MOS and PRL191

  • 5. Yasusi HASIMOTO, Products of Infinitely Many Modal Logics103

  • 6. Tatsuya SHIMURA, Kripke Incompleteness of Predicate Extentions of Gabbay-deJongh's Logic of the Finite binary trees111