Bulletin of the Section of Logic 3/1 (1974)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Bernd DAHN, Generalized Kripke models

  • 2. Bernd DAHN, A note on generalized Kripke models

  • 3. Aileen MICHAELS and Roman SUSZKO, EN-logic

  • 4. Aileen MICHAELS, EN-semi-models

  • 5. R.QUACKENBUSH and Roman SUSZKO, Dual spaces for topological Boolean algebras

  • 6. Roman SUSZKO, A note on intuitionistic sentential calculus (ISC)

  • 7. Marek TOKARZ, Binary functions definable in implicational Goedel algebras

  • 8. August PIECZKOWSKI, Uber dem Begriff der Theorie

  • 9. Tadeusz PRUCNAL and Andrzej WRONSKI, An algebraic characterization of the notion of structural completeness

  • 10. Andrzej WRONSKI, On cardinality of matrices strongly adequate for the intuitionistic propositional logic

  • 11. George EPSTEIN and Alfred HORN, Propositional calculi based on subresiduation

  • 12. George EPSTEIN and Alfred HORN, Finite limitations on a propositional calculus for affirmation and negation

  • 13. Janusz CZELAKOWSKI, Partial Boolean σ-algebras