Bulletin of the Section of Logic 24/2 (1995)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Newton C.A.da COSTA, F.A.DORIA and Marcelo TSUJI, The undecidability of formal definitions in the theory of finite groups56

  • 2. Marcelo F.FRIAS, Gabriel A.BAUM, Armando M.HAEBERER and Paulo A.S.VELOSO, Fork algebras are representable64

  • 3. Robert K.MEYER, Rationalizing relevant primitives, of course!76

  • 4. Ewa GRACZYNSKA, On some operators on pseudovarieties II80

  • 5. Jozef WAJSZCZYK, The logic of dichotomic changes89

  • 6. Valentin GORANKO, A note on derivation rules in modal logic98

  • 7. Takao INOUE, Hintikka formulas as axioms of refutation calculus, a case study105

  • 8. Takao INOUE, The single axiom-schema of March 8th115