Bulletin of the Section of Logic 13/4 (1984)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Tomasz FURMANOWSKI, On complete bundless of locally valid identities202

  • 2. Martin W.BUNDER, Conjunction without conditions in illative combinatory logic207

  • 3. Andrzej SENDLEWSKI, Topological duality for Nelson algebras and its application

  • 4. Teodor STEPIEN, The sufficient and necessary condition for Tarski's property in Lindenbaum's extensions

  • 5. Wojciech SUCHON, An elementary method of determining the degree of completeness of n-valued Lukasiewicz propositional calculus

  • 6. Balazs BIRO, On isomorphic but not lower-base-isomorphic cylindric set algebras

  • 7. Michael A.McROBBIE and Nuel D.BELNAP Jr., Proof tableau formulations of some first-order relevant ortho-logics

  • 8. Urszula WYBRANIEC-SKARDOWSKA, On the axiomatic systems of syntactically-categorial languages

  • 9. Grzegorz BRYLL and Katarzyna HALKOWSKA, Slupecki's fragmentary systems

  • 10. Boguslaw WOLNIEWICZ, A topology for logical space